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We Design & Deliver NFT Art

The NFT niche is exploding & it is very simple to profit from if have a well designed & themed NFT Collection. That’s what we do! We Design, Theme & Deliver Your Collection.

We also give you Marketing Materials which show you how to Promote Your Collection & Make Hefty Profits.

We Design Collections like Cool Cats

The Cool Cats Collection of 10,000 NFT’s has Sold Out. Currently, the average sale price per NFT in the Collection is above 40k for each NFT! Cool Cats

What Is An NFT?​

To put it simply, an NFT is digital asset that can’t be substituted for another digital asset because of it’s unique Metadata which can’t be altered. People buy NFT’s as status symbols in the digital world we live but they have become much bigger than just status symbols.


How it Works

NFT Collections are groups of NFT’s (usually 10,000) that can gain huge followings and explode the value of the Collection. Collections are typically listed on https://opensea.io, For example: https://opensea.io/collection/cool-cats-nft

An NFT comes as a unit of data stored on a digital ledger called a blockchain, which can be sold and traded like Bitcoin. But it all starts from NFT Graphic Design. If you want to own & sell a Collection of NFT Digital Art you can seriously cash in on the Sea of buyers who watch for Collection releases and bid enormous amounts to own pieces of digital art.

NFT’s are being compared to the .com Social Media revolution. So if you don’t know anything about NFT’s you will have to! Why not start by purchasing an affordable Collection of Digital Art, the type that can sell out all 10,000 pieces.

We do the artwork for you & walk you through the process of promoting it, building a following, building hype, then selling it on https://opensea.io.

If you are spending $499 on our Premium Design Package you should get this back just by selling a couple of NFT’s from your 10,000 strong Collection.

You just need to choose a Base Character eg dog, cow, egg etc for your design & we do the rest, creating 10,000 variations & delivering it to you as a Collection suitable to Launch & make a full time income from.

Artwork With Metadata​

You just choose a Base Character & Traits eg An Egg with 8 Backgrounds x 3 Skin colors x 8 Clothes x 6 Hats x 3 Glasses x 3 Necks. Then we deliver a zip file with 10,000 different png images each with their own Metadata file so you can launch each NFT on https://opensea.io to sell for a profit. You can also get commission every time they are resold in future!

Full time income?​

Yes you can set up your Launch so you get a percentage of all future sales of all individual NFT’s every time they are sold in the future, with no end date. Each piece of artwork has a unique piece of Metadata which forms a Smart Contract that is stored on the blockchain & can not be tampered with.



$ 429
  • 1 Base Character
  • x31 Backgrounds
  • x3 Skin Colors
  • x6 Clothes
  • x6 Hats
  • x3 Glasses
  • Unlimited Concept Revisions


$ 499
  • 1 Base Character
  • x8 Backgrounds
  • x3 Skin Colors
  • x8 Clothes
  • x6 Hats
  • x3 Glasses
  • x3 Necks
  • Unlimited Concept Revisions


$ 469
  • 1 Base Character
  • X24 Backgrounds
  • x3 Skin Colors
  • x8 Clothes
  • x6 Hats
  • x3 Glasses
  • Unlimited Concept Revisions

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